Importing Models from Blender

I have been trying to import models I made in Blender into the Model Viewer Starter Kit here: (
However, the model doesn’t look the same. In PlayCanvas, the model is not completely connected and the materials look different. I’m wondering if there are settings I’m missing on either the blender or PlayCanvas side.

This picture is how the model looks when I just view the .fbx file from my computer.

This picture is how it looks in PlayCanvas.

It seems the normals are facing the other way. Try to normalize them in Blender (Edit mode > Select all > Shift + N) and importing again.

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It might be because blender has bunch different lighting
shading ambient occlusion than what PlayCanvas
it is a different engine

or you might have to use UV Wrapping for textures

Also when you click on it it opens from Windows 3D Printing/Viewer I think that whats it called

My experience is that PlayCanvas does not correctly import materials and textures from a fbx. I’ve always had to create these manually.