Importing IFC File to Playcanvas


Is there a way to import IFC 3D model to Playcanvas and what could be the recommended approach?

Unfortunately, your choices are to convert to a supported type first (GLTF or FBX) or write your own external convertor to the PlayCanvas model format (

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If you have blender (it’s free at you can probably find an addon that will import IFC’s. Blender exports to FBX out of the box. Here’s one you could try.

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I’ve heard about some online 3d converters that you could use to convert IFC to FBX

Could the IFC be converted to graph database and then the gaming engine do queries to reconstruct the physical entities? Wouldn’t be a better approach than changing format?

If you happy to generate the mesh programmatically, yes that’s another way to do it. Not 100% sure that it is ‘better’ since there is a lot more code to write compared to converting a file format.

I had pretty similar story with e57 file format of Artec Studio, couldn’t find any online converter… Too many formats as for me :slight_smile: