Importing from Blender

Hi Everyone, I am having a slight issue importing files from Blender. I have made a small model, it is triangulated, it’s center is at the origin of the world axis (with the origin for the model at the centre of the geometry). I can import it as a collada file, but when I do, the center axis is way off as seen in the image below:

Does anyone know why this is happening?

When you view the model in Blender it is sat at the origin?

Also worth checking you don’t have a parent Entity with a translation applied.

Hi Dave,

Yes, the model in blender is at the centre axis, I always make sure of this before I port things just to be safe. I just checked, and the object is in the scene with no parent entities so I am not sure what is happening >_<

Looking at the model data of the drone. The node “sad_drone_006” is positioned at [-32.9906, -29.0103, 66.6414]

If you translate the model by [16, 14, -33] it will be back at the origin. So it looks like there is some kind of translation on the model in Blender?

This is very weird?! I have exported it with the model centred at 0,0,0. It is probably because I snapped it to the curser, which was snapped to the centre of the grid. I have moved it again using the original file, to see what it does but it sitll does the same. I may have to start this model again as I am not sure what is happening here.

Hello :slight_smile:

As far as I know, the axis don’t matter in Blender, the pivot point is what defines the center of an object. However the pivot looks like it’s only slightly off, so it’s probably not the issue here.
You could try to export as OBJ-file (just to be sure it’s not a collada-export/import issue)

Another thing you might want to look at, is your drone in the “root” folder? Maybe you’re inhereting some position-values from an ancestor-entity.

Kind regards.

[EDIT] Just noticed this thread is quite old … My apologies for the bump :confused: