Importing effects from Unity

I’m currently looking for a playable ads editor, and I stumbled upon PlayCanvas.
So far I see that it Perfectly imports our Unity models and animations, however I need to understand is there a way to import effects from our Unity project (explosions, muzzle flashes and etc.)?

Can someone help me with this?

Hi @AirsoftHamster and welcome,

If you are talking about Unity shaders unfortunately those can’t be easily transferred to PlayCanvas (and WebGL in general). You will have to rewrite them to the GLSL coding language and at the same time adapt them to the PlayCanvas engine rendering pipeline.

For 2D effects based on sprite sheets that would be much easier to transfer to PlayCanvas. You can import them and use them directly with the particles system component or convert them to a texture atlas, from there extract frames to use with the sprite component.

Here is a particles based effect:

Take a look at this manual page on how the sprites editor works:

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