Importing 3D models and car movement code with following camera

Hello, this is my first project using PlayCanvas. I need some example code for car movement with physics with the camera following behind. I don’t want the camera to be controlled by a mouse, but it should look where the car is facing. I have no idea what I’m doing because the only coding language I know is Visual Basic. I also want to know how to import 3D models.

Here is the link to my project:
Oh wait, I don’t know how to lol. Someone please respond and help me.

With kind regards,
A fellow student

Hello @Sachil_Singh and welcome! On the page below you find a good example project that exactly matches your wishes. With the fork button you can get a copy of the project so you can do whatever you want with it. You can import your own model by drag for example a fbx file inside the asset panel of the editor or use the right mouse button to upload the model. If you want to share your project, you can just use the url of your browser.