Imported mesh missing pieces

I made a model quickly to test a few things in this project, but when I import it some pieces are missing. I can load it in blender, and paint 3d and it loads fine. PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine Bubble Monkey model.

That is the polygon count of the mesh?

The link is just for the scene I’m trying to use the model in.
Here is a screen shot of the blender project with the polygon count just above the models head on the menu bar.

Can’t offer much help with Blender, but the poly count seems low enough if that’s 12,000 or 24,000
The missing legs are attached to the monkey, thats what looks to be missing in Play Canvas.
Are there bones in this export that control the mesh?
Is the Monkey a bunch of meshes or one mesh?

Yes, there are bones.

I have joined all meshes into one mesh.

@anon49240888 I’ll give it a try.

The only guess I can make cause I am not a blender user is that something is happening based on the bones. try making a copy of the monkey and make sure there are no bones being used and see what happens.

That would make sense, I uploaded a version of the monkey before adding the bones and everything was fine, and after removing the bones, exporting to .fbx and importing into my scene the legs are there.

Not knowing anything about Blender rigging I’d guess it’s a bone issue, sometimes bones need to be in a hierarchy to locate properly. If the leg bones don’t have a parent and you moved the model from zero in your scene you might run into issues.

It shows the legs missing in the assets window as well, and the legs are there in fbx review. It seems the only place they aren’t appearing is in playcanvas.

That’s one for the Play Canvas team