Important changes to our Editor and Engine release processes

We are planning a series of important changes to our Editor and Engine release processes over the next few months

This will bring more stability and transparency to our users when it comes to Editor and Engine releases

  • Engine patch versions will include fixes only
  • Renaming Engine’s GitHub ‘master’ branch to ‘dev’
  • Separate Engine releases from the Editor

Full details: Changes to our Editor and Engine releases | PlayCanvas


Currently every project will use the latest available version of the engine.

What I would love to see is a setting in the editor which locks the engine to a specific version. This way old project won’t break if there is some breaking change in the engine.

This could be some kind of dropdown with all available engine versions and additionally an entry with for “latest” version, for those who always want to use the up to date engine.

I’m afraid this won’t be possible as we could update Editor and/or backend services to support features/handle changes to the Engine. An example of this would be the Texture Y flipping change to the internals of the Engine that required changing backend services.

At the moment, it is possible to run the launch tab with any version of the engine via use_local_engine param. However, it isn’t guaranteed that the Editor would work with every old version of the Engine.

For that to happen, we would have to maintain multiple versions of the Editor and backend services.

Whereas now, we are planning to keep with our high level ideal of being a web service that is continuously updated without downtime or disrupting the user.

We have had internal talks of users being able to test a version ahead of the current stable version and also potentially being able temporary use the previous patch/minor release if there is a breaking change.