Important: Basis on Safari 17.0

tldr: if you use basis in your project, you must re-import the module to run correctly on Safari 17.0.

Safari 17.0 has been released with a regression that causes basis transcode to fail in some cases. The regression has been reported and apple is busy working on a fix (more details here).

We found that recompiling the basis module with the latest emscripten toolchain seems to mitigate the issue and we’ve updated the editor’s basis module with a newly compiled version.

In order to get the new version of the basis module in your project, select the folder named basis.js and delete it. Then navigate to SETTINGSRENDERING and click IMPORT BASIS. The new basis module will be imported:

If you still see issues with the new module please let us know!


Hello, I am experiencing the same issue in my engine-only project on iOS 17.0.1. At first, I suspected my own project, but then I saw that Playcanvas example projects also give the same error.

Do you have any solution suggestions for engine-only projects that do not use Basis.js?

Grab the files from here:

We’ve just have not release examples with those yet, so the issue is still there for now.