Import Scene from one project to another

I wan to import Scene from one project to another is it possible ? if yes can anyone mention the step …
thanks in advance .

Hi @usama.jalal01 ,

There is no super direct way to move a scene from one project to another, but there are some things that can make it easier.

You will want to prepare by first adding all of the assets that are referenced in the original project to the new project. This can be done, by selecting and then right-clicking on the desired assets and selecting copy. You can then go to the new project and paste them there by right-clicking and selecting paste.

Once you are certain that all of the required assets are in the new project, you can then select and right-click the top most entities (under 'Root) in your scene, and select copy. In the new scene, right-click the ‘Root’ entity of the scene and select paste, and you will find that all of the entities (and their children) that you selected in the original project have been copied and pasted into the new one.

Of course, this process doe snot copy scene specific settings that you might create (like skyboxes), but those can be changed afterward, and it is still much easier than manually creating all of the entities again.

I hope this is helpful.

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thanks but in this case i have to give references again I dnt want to waste my time again .

I’m planning to do an office hours video on this over the next few business days as it’s not an uncommon question with different approaches

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Office hours video on ways you can at least copy the scene hierarchy across:


thanks @yaustar really appreciate your work on this .