Import problem with GLB animation

When I import my animation with the GLB convert option enabled, my actual animation is sometimes separated into different files. Is this a bug or is there a Blender setting that I have to change when I export an animation?

Convert to GLB disabled:

Convert to GLB enabled:

export to JSON animation format used to export only a single animation from the fbx and ignore the rest.
export to GLB exports all animations from the fbx.

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I export and import as FBX. The result after importing is one compleet JSON animation file, so how can my GLB animation be divided into multiple files? With this I can no longer take my enemy seriously.


It looks like the FBX was exported with multiple animations. Could you share the animation and model FBX files (privately if you need to) as I’m a little curious about it.

You can grab the animation from this project:

I found out that (in this case) the correct animation is the last GLB file:

I also have the ‘length’ error in the editor:

I’m just starting to look at this but can’t see the GLB version of the model?

It’s about the animation, I just added the model so you are able to see the animation.

But I can’t see the GLB animation without a GLB model.

I did look at the FBX file in Blender and it looks fine as far as I can tell. I’ve asked the team about why 5 animations are imported.

Sorry, I didn’t know that. I have updated the project and a GLB model included.

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I have checked with some other animations and it looks like it’s always the last GLB file that is the complete animation (with the same length as the JSON animation).

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Looking at the FBX in Unity and Autodesks FBX Viewer, they all show 6 animations:

So not 100% sure what’s going here but the behaviour in PlayCanvas is consistent with other engines and viewers.

Okay, thanks for checking out! So something goes wrong in Blender. I’m glad that the correct animation is included anyway, so the easiest solution for me is to delete the remaining files.