Import playcanvas json from website and convert it

Hello all,

I just found a website with an 3D model (made with Playcanvas) which I would like to print with my 3D printer. It is a 3D modell of a football stadium. Is there a known way to convert this 3D model into an STL for example?

Hope I don’t violate the forum rules. Because this would be kind of reverse engineering I think…


Hi @SeSchi and welcome! If you have acces to the editor page of the project and the source file of the model has not been deleted, you can download it. Click on the source file and you will find a download button on the right side of the screen.


After download of the source file for the 3D model, you can use Blender 3D or many other such 3D asset creation programs to convert & export the model into STL format.

Blender → Import your model → Export to STL [Easiest to do with the F3 hotkey to bring up the Searchbox]