Import Godot Spritesheet (XML) to Playcanvas

I see Playcanvas allows importing sprite sheets from a Texture Packer JSON format.

Are there any tools to convert from Godot XML to Texture Packer format? Here’s what a Godot XML file looks like

<TextureAtlas imagePath="sheet.png">
	<SubTexture name="blue_boxCheckmark.png" x="380" y="36" width="38" height="36"/>
	<SubTexture name="blue_boxCross.png" x="380" y="0" width="38" height="36"/>
	<SubTexture name="blue_boxTick.png" x="386" y="210" width="36" height="36"/>
	<SubTexture name="blue_button00.png" x="0" y="94" width="190" height="49"/>
	<SubTexture name="blue_button01.png" x="190" y="49" width="190" height="45"/>
	<SubTexture name="blue_button02.png" x="190" y="0" width="190" height="49"/>
	<SubTexture name="blue_button03.png" x="0" y="49" width="190" height="45"/>

Since the Playcanvas editor isn’t open source, there’s no easy way to add a button to support importing from this other format.

Godot XML format is not supported. You would have to write your own Node-based script that would read it and output a compatible JSON file.