Import GLB Model & animations in .json format

Hey…! I am trying to import glb models in json format for my project.So I setting I disabled convert to GLB option. And I successfully imported model. But same way when I imported its animations also . It shows duration of the animation as 0 and it doesnt animate if I run. Is there any option to enable or disbale in settings so that I can import animations of the model in .json format.

Thank you

It was never really intended to work. The json format is an old format, and we added a glb format a while back. If this does not work, unfortunately it’s not very likely we’d invest time in fixing it.
Any reason you’d like to use json instead of glb?

Hi @mvaligursky I wanted to update old project which used json model & script is also written in such a way to use json related animations . So now actually wanted to replace only the player character with new model.

Then I’d suggest to use the workflow set up for json models and that means import it as fbx - this is a supported path.

import it as fbx ?

drag and drop fbx file that gets converted to a json model / animation

Yes @mvaligursky it gets converted to json model as per my above shown image. But the duration of the animation seems to have 0 which results in NO animation for the model

Which screenshot has the fbx file?