Import full model hierarchy into PlayCanvas

The PlayCanvas team are very excited to fully release the Import Hierarchy pipeline feature in the PlayCanvas Editor!

With this feature enabled, any imported FBX will create a Template asset which contains the full node hierarchy as entities representing sub-models of the model. This gives users greater flexibility in manipulating mesh instances in the model directly in the Editor.

edit-hierarchy (1)

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Godot has a hierarchy entity option called “Editable Children” that allows the editing of sub-children directly that also prevents the childrens’ settings to being accidentally overridden when new model changes for example are being done/uploaded.

In the past, PlayCanvas has this operation on by default (Not overriding on import settings). Is the same operation prevented by default or is there some new option we need to enable/disable? (Asking for future knowledge)

Sounds like you are talking about this?

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Is it possible to animate the models manually this way?

Yes but there are no tools yet to do so in the Editor (ie a dope sheet), it would still have to be driven by code in some way.