Import FBX file that contain many object

Hi guys,

I try to import FBX file that contain 3 object.
but, imported object seems display only 1 combine object on PlayCanvas editor.

I wanna import separated 3 object.
(if it’s unity, unity can maintain 3 object likes ‘folder’ on Editor.)

Is it possible?

Not possible I think. There is no sub object (mesh instance hierarchy l) selection mode except for the hover detection. I do did consider there is such a feature ( or editor extension) for this in the future as well to select sub meshes/hierarchies. It shouldn’t require to create entities though. I don’t think that is the scope of what FBX since entities are playcanvas framework specific ,. Then again, you can still move meshInstanves via code at runtime… so the FBX simply gives you the initial layout of mesh instances and that’s it. I think the reason why this feature is not available is because each Model already comes with its imported preset asset hierarchy already. Changing it within the editor adds to the complication of maintaining asset consistency. One game/level design workflow is to just use a single FBX Model level and handle any sub mesh instances positionings via code ( via code) and don’t rely much on Playcanvas entities at all. Again, it’s because playcanvas considers it as importing an FBX asset as a self-contained consistent model, not having another option for importing the FBX scene graph itself into playcanvas as multiple entities ( which adds to the complication of whether those entities should be still be linked to assets or not…like what happens if the asset re-updates…). I seldom enoundter the latter case need for myself tho.

The sub meshes are accessible in code as they do form a graph node hierarchy so you can reposition, scale, rotate etc the sub meshes.