Import FBX Coordinate Axis Issue

When the model in Maya , coordinate axis is right

But in editor , coordinate axis is wrong

This model is a child of a parent model

How can I solve this issue?

Looking forward to your reply
Thank you

Hello @Evan_Yang,

Could you post or send me the model directly so I can test it and examine what may be causing the issue? Thank you!

Sure , Example Project : PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

I seem to be having some trouble downloading the model to open it in the modelling software I’m using. Could you send me the source file as well?

Sure, - Google Drive

Taking a look at the example file in Blender it seems the origins for the individual pieces are at the center of the model.

I was able to change the origin for the pieces, re-export the model, then reimport it into PlayCanvas - the origins were preserved as expected. The issue most likely has to do with the export settings in Maya. I’m not particularly familiar with Maya, but these are the export settings I’ve used in Blender (default).

Ok, Let me check, Thank you very much