Import/Export Mixamo to PlayCanvas

What is the best practice to get consistent results with exporting and importing animations from Mixamo. We’re having trouble getting our animations to work consistently. Example copying the animations over from test project to main project and then they don’t work.

What do you mean by ‘don’t work’ and how are you copying them?

They won’t play on the model, in editor. We copy pasted from one projects asset folder and pasted them into another projects asset folder. Then put one on the model and it would not play. However when opened in the viewer the animation was working.

Do we need any particular exporting settings or importing settings that we are not doing?

Hmm… that should work. Can you share the project that has the assets that don’t work?

I also had this issue. I can import mixamo animation for use with third person controller, but it does not work. Cannot read property “length” from undefined. Am I missing something? Do you have any reference about mixamo animation importing workflow?

It’s should just work :thinking:

Can you provide a link to the animation that doesn’t work for you please?

If I want to use my character, I have to use animation that is targeted to my character rig and not other character rig although both are from mixamo?

I upload my character, rig it with mixamo autorig, and assign animation to my character, and download the animations one by one without skin

I upload the model, And then I assign the animation from mixamo to the model, rename the animation the same as animation name from the third person template.

This works for me.

Is that basically how we do it?

Yes, that’s how I use my models with Mixamo/PlayCanvas.

Potentially if two models share the same skeleton/bones you could reuse the animations without having to reimport them.

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Ok thanks, that helps.

I can’t do js.

How If I want to add animation? Is it by editing the js, assign key press, and assign animation to it?

Yes, to change the animation state you will need to write some Javascript.

Check this example, it’s relatively simple to put in place:

Thanks will have a look…