Implementing OrbitCamera - ENGINE ONLY

Hi everyone,
After having played a little with the editor, i decided to move to the “engine only” approach.
I need to integrate the PC.App inside a VueJS website and that seemed the best way to go…

I’d like to add the orbitCamera functionality to our PC.App, the same we had with the editor if possible :smile:

Is this feasible?

I’ve already had a look to other related “engine only” posts and the examples, but found nothing about that…

I was thinking about importing the original editor script someway but have no idea how to accomplish it

You should be able to use the orbit-camera script as is for engine only build. There’s nothing in there that is editor specific.

Eg Here you can see the head of the HTML where it includes the engine code and the game scripts (which would include the orbit camera)


Here you go: