Image Layering Issue

I have a logo I am working on and I have it layered, what I believe is correctly in the hierarchy:


I want the bars to appear behind the arrow heads but I am not getting that.


Note: These are UI elements on a screen.

Is there something I am missing here? Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @aperez440,

Hierarchy order seems correct (UI elements are drawn in the order they appear in the hierarchy, unless this is overridden in code).

I apologize if I am not seeing it correctly, but isn’t the arrow bar in the image you shared behind the glow and arrow head as expected?

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The arrow head should be in front of the bar but the bar is in front of the arrow head. Not sure why. I don’t have any code affecting layering nor have a edited layering in the settings.

capture the frame with the SpectorJS Chrome plugin to confirm what order it gets render in.

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Trying now

Seems like its rendering as its supposed to:

but even with the right rendering order the bars still appear in front of the arrow heads

are those materials writing to depth buffer? Or testing depth?

Where can I check that?