Image based AR tracking

Hello, I made an AR demo using ARToolkit, but my client wants an image based tracking, what options do I have with PlayCanvas to do an Image based tracking? Is ARToolkit able to do it ? I coudln´t find any way to that with ARToolkit…
I found 8thWall 's option, but the price is too high…

Thank you !!

With ARToolkit.js you can do marker based tracking only right now. ARToolkit.js comes with a number of predefined marker matrices which you can use and incorporate as part of your image design.

For image based tracking you would have to either go for the expensive 8th Wall SDK or use a native app.

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Thank you, yes that was the problem… It looks like we are forced to use 8th Wall if we want to create a web based solution with PlayCanvas…

There are a couple of other options too:


Thanks… I will check them !!!

Edit: Actually, ARToolkit.js can do image tracking:

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Great !.. thanks…

That solution indeed is good to have, though last time I’ve tried it I wouldn’t easily recommend it for production ready image tracking.

@Diego_Lopez-Mobilia if you like share your feedback if you give it a try.


Yes I’ll do… thanks… I will check the different options and write back… in some days…

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