I'm thinking of making an app bigger than Instagram and Twitter should I do it?


I´m thinking of using part of playcanvas for this project the rest will be using alot of code and frameworks such as vue.js


you can always try! even if it fails, you’ll learn a lot from it. learnings that can help you in your future projects with PlayCanvas.
However, you should draw out your whole structure (or at least the concept), so that you don’t start writing code at random. Make sure you stick to your structure.


I would actually say don’t do it, and im not being pessimistic I just think there are smaller more focussed result oriented projects that could yield better results than trying to rebuild an instagram or twitter(based on playcanvas 3D im guessing).


I could just code it all from scratch Ill use php to host and I’ll most liely use c++ and java to make the app Simple


Well, I think you should. It could help you learn more.


You absolutely shouldn’t use vue.js or playcanvas for a Twitter or Instagram-like app. I highly recommend developing native apps through Android Studios for android and xCode for iOS.

There are so many affordances provided by both android and iOS (android back button, iOS pop back swipe gesture) along with so many very specific apis for things such as navigation, notifications, networking, and so much more, that using anything else would yield very poor results.

Furthermore, you’ll likely benefit from numerous public services that simply won’t work for anything other than a native approach. Image cacheing (having images saved and displayed from a url with optimal network usage and least amount of memory used) for example is an enormous task in app development the generally causes apps to crash or freeze on seemingly simple procedures, and Glide for Android and Kingfisher for iOS solve thousands of problems that you have no business or time worrying about in the first place.

Lastly, you’ll likely want to use some backend that is optimized for what you’re doing. Firebase by Google and AWS by Amazon are now the only rational choice for a company with less than 10 people, and for any app that needs a database and user authentication. Straying from the mainstream use cases and developing an app in a game engine or even cross platform solutions will always threaten to make you throw away months of time on trivial problems that would be solved if you simply started with the correct approach. Especially if you intend to have an app and a website, you definitely need a service with strong support for both platforms.

I agree that you will learn a lot regardless of what you decide to do, but don’t learn for the sake of learning. Just remember, timing is extremely important and technology is always changing, so don’t get caught up in trying to do something totally different if your goal is to do something that is now straightforward through established means.

Best of luck!!!

P.s. A YouTube tutorial series on a twitter/instagram clone will be your best friend at this stage.


woah a whole paragraph bet time to read


Btw I making it a website too just like twitter and instagram any ideas on that lol I could just use php or html its self and buy a domain and for the backend Ill use aws or firebase


No need for PHP. I highly recommend looking into firebase cause it lets you have an https website and a shared database for web android and iOS with the same functions. And by using firebase they automatically give you a url at PROJECT.web.app so you can use it before getting your own domain.

If you use php and ever make an app in the future you’ll need to do things totally different but with firebase it’s literally the same way of doing things so definitely watch some tutorials on it.

All you need for the website is html, css, and javascript. Then if you get firebase setup you can use it in JavaScript and easily interface with the html.

And I’d you don’t have a domain yet then that’s not a problem when you’re coding it you can use it locally at local host:8000 or something with firebase serve, which is probably best since you’ll have plenty of time to think up a name :wink:


Oh thnx lol never thought of that thanks btw yeah I´mpretty well with javascript,css,and html


Good luck :ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Yep take a month to draw out how I want to design it then another month to actually make it a social media website/app so itll be fun ig


@Marquise_Edwards, could you please tell me if you have a target audience? And what new features are you bringing to the table?


Ok so my target audience is the people who watch youtube daily or love social media so mainly mobile/pc users heh


The features ok so I have soo many cool ideas like I wanna make it so the website runs off how fast that users internet is so that the website will appear as fast as possible for the user.Also I want the website’s/app’s ui to be more 2020 like

I’ll let you know on what else oh instead of the websites ui being by default I want to make it son you can customize how you want the website to look to you favor.