Im making a multiplayer game and i need help with somthing

I was working on my map and i realized i still didn’t have the code to have multiple people.
The game is a first player movement game.

Hi @genre,

Multiplayer is a complex topic to approach.

Lucky for you there is a great example project you can study to get started:

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hey, I found the tutorial a bit hard because my brain is a litral bean, but I have a fairly quick way to do it now that I have done it with the help of Albertos (sorry if I spelled that wrong) Genre, can you send me a link to your project and I can do the job for you and tell you what I have done and how to do it, and also an idea I had with it.

But alas, I have an issue where it only updates the player’s position, which means to the other players, you are only facing one direction. or if you have animations or sounds or particles to more on the player, they also do not show up to the other players.

But explained simply, it is enough to get the job done for some testing and prototyping.

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I would like a response of if you accepted my offer or not. Like I said, it is not perfect, but it is a really good foundation.

Happy holidays!