I'm looking for help learning how the rest of the system of PlayCanvas works

I have been coding scripts for my friends for the past month but a road block aways comes up when they ask me if i know how to work anything else i need help

Hi @hellaga_ra! Is there a specific part of PlayCanvas that you are having trouble with? Maybe I can help you with that. Do you already have your own project?

Ill add a link for our project you can see we have a lot of work to do and we have been trying to add more guns, pickups, health kits, stuff like that but i have no idea were to start since they have not been on for a long time now PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

Look up ^ @Albertos

Try to start with the most important thing to improve the game and share the problem that blocks you. My suggestion based on the game is first improve the enemy AI a bit. Right now they go through the player and I think it plays better if they always stop just in front of the player. Even better is that the enemy AI also moves back when the distance between the enemy and player is to small.

ill try that the main problem is i don’t know how to add new items in the game or ‘‘objects’’ ive tried 3d stuff but that is not working @Albertos

You can search the web for 3D objects. Mostly this are FBX or OBJ files. You can upload this file to the asset panel of the editor. From the asset panel you can drag and drop the file in your scene.

Thank you for the help sir! its working i can put in new objects!

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Hey @hellaga_ra, to add on to what @Albertos said, you can consult the Models documentation, and follow the links according to your use case. Some very good sites for getting free 3D models are Kenney’s assets, Free3D, and Turbosquid. If you want to create your own 3D models, you can try using Trimble’s SketchUp.

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