Im gonna start using html and css on visual studio

Heh it sucks learning how to do things on visual studio but I’ll get through

Also Im thinking of putting my games on a visual studio webserver heh

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Btw, It looks cool. I don’t think I fully know how to use Visual Studios myself.

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Just curious, but how is this PlayCanvas related?

It isn’t thats why its in random chat:)

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That makes sense. But you could use PlayCanvas’s engine with HTMl & CSS. I don’t use C# to make games that much anymore. I think I would start it again later, when I’m more experienced.

You I wont always be making games Im now working on making the next youtube/twittter heh btw I have this idea you know how the internet is just wires and requires a isp for internet access I wanna change tht so that the internet is more anonymous and I want the internet to be the cloud like no more wires and no more isps I know itll take billions of dollars maybe trillions but I know I can make it work:)


Fair enough. I thought stuff, even on random had to be PC related, but I stand corrected.

That’s great, but you’re going to need lots of time and money to get this to work.

Hmmm…so who’ll be investing in this? I’m just curious…

No I’m gonna start small and as I advertise I’ll look for some investors because lets just say I have communication skills lol.Tbh I know mny people in the tech industry that can help me.