Ignore culled faces when raycasting

Good evening guys,

There is a way to ignore faces that are culled when raycasting?

The function raycastFirst return the hitting point normal. There is a way to get the plane normal in addition?

Hi @derickwelman,

Hmm, the physics simulation is agnostic of what is happening in the rendering side. One way to solve this is to use raycastAll and filter out all rigid bodies that aren’t visible. Much like the raycast by tag name example does.

Of course this way you will have control on a mesh instance / rigid body level, not for each individual face. That’s the closer you can get with physical raycasts I think.


Is there no way to at least identify which triangle is colliding? Maybe its normal …

The hope is the last one to fade… kkkkkk

Aha, sorry no, I remember there was an issue about it in the engine repo: to have a mesh raycaster that doesn’t involve physics to raycast on a triangle level.

I don’t think Ammo.js can return that kind of information (apart from position and normal), I would be happy to be proven wrong though.