Iframe touch input

Hi Members,

I am trying to create a functionality where I would be able to open a 3rd party website in a 3D environment setup in Playcanvas . I am pretty clear that the source should be same to open the website and that part has been handled.

The part where I am currently struggling is to make iframe run(inside which the website will open) on mobile device. In Web it can take the mouse input but I read that it doesn’t support the “Touch” input which will be required when accessing from Mobile Device.

Is there a way to handle this scenario ?

If not, is there any other workaround by which this functionality can be achieved? Any help is appreciated.


Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to get this to work yet. It’s possible that the example is missing something but I’ve not tracked down what that could be

There’s no real workaround that I know of that can get an iframe into a 3D world

Thank you @yaustar for responding back.

Just wondering if there is a way that this iframe can be open in UI frame with touch events?

Whenever user clicks, a website opens as a UI scene on top of 3D world. Will the touch event and this scenario possible?

Thank you.

Hi @kunal_joshi , this should be possible,

I made an integration with an avatar configurator and their iframe opens on top of Playcanvas 3D world: PlayCanvas 3D HTML5 Game Engine

but here is another thread discussing opening iframe in the UI.