Iframe not working depending on the perspective

Hi there !

I have this project : PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

It’s a simple iframe, that faces the player’s orbit camera. In Chrome, depending on the orientation, the iframe cannot be clicked.

Any idea as to what is happening ?

Hi @F_Sabatie,

On what device are you testing? I see you are using css3D to “cut” and render the iframe in place. That is known to have some unresolved issues on mobile devices.

Hi @Leonidas

I am on a desktop, Chrome 107 does not have the issue but the 108 version does.
It appears that 108 adds the:
overflow-clip-margin: content-box !important;
overflow-y: clip;
overflow-x: clip;

properties to the iframe / canvas, which are not present of the 107

@yaustar do you have any idea as to what could cause this issue ? :heart:

I’m afraid not, we’ve removed this project from the examples/tutorials and no longer maintain it much for the reason mentioned above.