IFrame control in PlayCanvas


I’ve a question about handling IFrame in my application. I’ve included a iFrame window into my 3d scene, which is working pretty well. i can interact with the referenced website / content. Now the problem: in my application i can switch between first and third person view. When in first person view, its possible that the IFrame is filling the complete screen / window, if youre right in front of it, and when interacting with its content, you cant control / use the PlayCanvas Character or UI, because inputs arent recognized anymore - so youre stucked. You would have to click on a PlayCanvas area to make the PlayCanvas Scene focusing again (so when the iFrame is filling the window, there is no PlayCanvas space to click on).

My question: The PlayCanvas UI is still over the IFrame but cant be used, if the focus is on the IFrame - is there a quick solution? I tried to place the iFrame on another Layer, which is rendered below the “World” and “UI” Layer, but this seems not to work.

Thank you very much!