Idea. Visual UI interface editor

During the study of Playcanvas, a lot of questions and one of them was the question how to make a UI interface for users is fast and simple.

You may want to add a new Entity Ui interface which will help in solving most of the tasks for creating the UI in the game. In any game need a UI. Most of the UI is very similar and they have common elements which can be very convenient.

Here are some examples of common blocks for UI
Just block
3D model (use model in UI)
Progress bar (Fill in %)

Parameters width, height and alignment (left right etc) and so on.

Will give a few images created using dev tool of chrome for a more visual explanation.


Image and Text element ‘templates’ are already in the list. To create a Block is the same as adding a Image but not giving it a texture.

Progress bar/Fill bar would be nice though but would need a script to be added to the project. Maybe something for the asset store?

what? … I do not understand

I’m only learning. I still had something to put in the asset store… In the future I’ll try to add something in the asset store.

It would not be bad to introduce a more simple integration with Html

ps. I know about the project