Idea: Old school FPS with unusual characters (almost a parody)

Hi everyone :smiley:

Just for a quick presentation of myself
I’m working currently for a “big” indie open source game, not sure if I can post a link here because I don’t want to be a spammer. (just search SuperTuxKart on your browser), here is a screenshot.

I just discovered playcanvas and it seems a great tool to create games.

Now here is the general idea
Our current game is a racing game with a very very popular character and during free time I thought why not doing a derived project exploring other character’s story with the universe in common. The target is a small FPS with ~3 level and a little story.

  • Steampunk era, with steam machineries and great inventions
  • An epic adventure with a very unusual hero (like a Panda, a princess/wizard or even a pigeon). It will be only one playable hero.
  • Unusual environment inside something like a Museum or a Zoo.
  • Using the existing universe of SuperTuxKart (it reduces the amount of work since some models are already done).
  • Currently I have two ideas of style in mind. Something similar to pixel art but upgraded to modern graphic (with lighting etc). Or something a bit more realistic, it will depend on the easiest to do for a small team.

Goals and challenges
I perfectly know the challenge of creating game (since it’s my job), so in order to keep stuff simple, I have made a list of goal/target.

  • High quality (visually and with interaction (physic etc). That doesn’t mean it should looks like Crysis. Pixel art for instance is fine but the result should be polished and good looking.
  • Open source license
  • Uber Minimal story (almost a parody of modern FPS :P)
  • Reminiscent of Wolfenstein 3D / Doom.
  • 3 weapons max (in order to reduce complexity), something like the gun, the shootgun and a BFG.
  • 3 level max (again to reduce complexity)
  • The goal is to end up with a playing project :stuck_out_tongue:. So a lot of GREAT and AWESOME ideas will be simply cut down. Sorry but it’s essential to focus on doing something and not dreaming (that doesn’t mean it’s closed to ideas :P, just some of them are difficult to do).

Are you interested ?
I know how to do art and how to program. Unfortunately it’s difficult to do both and I don’t necessarily have the time. that’s why I’m looking for a motivated programmer or an artist who is interested in the project.

Short term goal

  • Demo level
  • You can move and pick ammunitions and health pack
  • You can shoot and kill a basic opponent
  • You can be killed

Even if we do only one great level it would be cool isn’t it :).


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