& game contest are running a game development contest for a week starting tomorrow. Looks like a 7 day game jam and you need to integrate their API.

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Cool! I’ll, try to join.

Hi Dave,

Yep, we held a web game contest, Dave, with $10,000 pool prize in total.

The games can be already made, but without being publicly released, and if they fit the contest theme, they have a good chance of winning the cash prizes :smile:

Good luck!


sorry but we dont accept the games which have been already released.

please read here

under posting rules

(i) Unique content. The game may not have been released anywhere else prior to the Registration (publication on small development sites do not count).

Ah, ok. Sorry, I misread the contest. I’ve edited the post.

We have revealed the theme, TIME TRAVEL, PORTALS, EASTER,

use any of them, or 2 of them or all 3 upto you.

Guys get ready register today and start making games.