I'd like to know how to code a fps better

I’m only good at modeling and i’d like to have someone explain and help me create one on here from scratch

also dev01 don’t answer

@plok_cxz, it would help if you elaborated a bit. What exactly do you need? What are the different aspects of the game that you are currently looking at? There are various kinds of FPS games out there, and you would be helping people who will be answering you if you elaborate a little. I’d be glad to assist if you explained your game further.


Hi @plok_cxz,

If you are going to code an fps in Playcanvas from scratch, I’d say the first step is to polish your Javascript skills.

Whatever advice people may give you, to understand and act on it you will have to know how to code, at least a bit.

There are plenty of free tutorials for learning Javascript online, I’d advice you to start with that.


i have movement,first person,and the basic’s of it, i watched a 12 video series on YouTube abt playcanvas tutorial

Hi @DevilZ so basically i want to have a singleplayer first person shooter that has first person movement,a weapon(ill import the sniper rifle i’m working on from blender)also i just find advanced three.js tutorials and beginner js tutorials

Do you have a shoot script? Attach your gun as a child entity to your first person player.

thats what me and my friend arent very sure abt in our game for the script

I ran a quick Google search and found this project that does exactly what you need @plok_cxz. https://playcanvas.com/project/569962/overview/first-person-shooter

ok ty

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but it doesnt have aim

You’re not going to find everything online. You have a good base now. Use your javascript coding skills to zoom in. You can reference the playcanvas camera zoom for this. https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/more-cameras/

More often that not, to get what you need to, you’re going to have to use a mixture of your own code, and other people’s projects.

This is also a very good opportunity to brush up on coding skills as well.

Hope this helps.

I was helping him. I’ve been thinking of a good way to code aim.

Btw, this is what we have so far. I kinda worked on the base for level 2. I’m also working on the gravity.


Oh I’d forgotten that @DevPlex01. I’d say just use the zoom function I’ve provided above. Add a crosshairs on an entity using the lookAt function. Should be good

Ok, I’ll see into it.

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