I18n for Japanese and Chinese is off


We’re implementing a localization system using the built in system. We’re loading JSON’s with translated messages, and we’re using a mix of UI components and HTML to display the information. I’ve noticed now that all languages work in both systems (ui and HTML) except Japanese and Chinese. I’m using locale codes ja_JP and zh_CN, but the messages loaded from these locales only end up in the HTML blocks. They do not appear in UI textboxes

Any restrictions in place that would cause that to happen? Font issue? (same font is used in HTML and ui case)



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Have you generated the characters needed for the languages? I would also check the locale codes used in the localisaton file too

ah, checking now. Seems They are not in that text field witch characters. What do I need to do to get them there?

You would need to find the characters that are used and paste them there, then process font.

aha! Things are starting to clear. Thank you.

Seemed the font I was using didn’t even contain these characters. Now I’ve found this other font that does. However, It’s VERY big, and I’m worried. Will the source file also be part of my built hosted app?


No, just the texture generated for the characters

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phew! :relieved:

One more question, I wanted to just paste all the japanese text to get all the character in that field when I process the font - BUT, are duplicates OK? Otherwise I have to find a nifty script that can filter out duplicates from my text to get only one unique copy of each character used…

They should be AFAIK :grimacing:

I tried adding a LOT of copies of the letter R and processed. I got no error message nor did the filesize increase from 134 kB so perhaps it ignores them.