I wanna make Aim Down Sights (ADS) in my game

So I want to make ADS (Aim Down Sights) in my game, like if i hold SHIFT while holding the sniper rifle, it would disable the sniper, enable the “ADS sniper” and then when i let go of shift, it goes back to the original. and i don’t want it to be able to do that while I have my hands out.
How should i go about this?
The Ads Sniper can even be a modified crosshair.

What would the difference between the two be? Does one have a see-through scope and the other doesn’t? If anything, you may be able to get away with adding a vignette to your screen and zooming in your FOV.

the first one is kinda off to the side

but i want the seccond one to be in the middle

i can even change the sniper into a semi auto AR and give it a red dot

i also wonder if i can disable the crosshair while ADSing

I can totally see enabling the ADS sniper and disabling the normal sniper being a working method. Is that scope transparent at all? If so, you could have it appear in front of the camera and make the FOV zoom.

Ok… New idea, im changing it from sniper to AR because i can make the red dot waaaayyy easier than then the sniper, because no, the scope isnt transparent. and it doesnt need zoom. i just wanna know how to put it to my face without it being weird
an FOV zoom would be pretty cool too.

Is it possible to rotate my ar so the screen from this

to this

and back

@Thebosser_24 This effect can be accomplished by repositioning the model for the weapon and also adjusting the field of view. I have used examples I have found as well as searches in this forum. Here is a link to my posted example. Inside you should be able to find the gun-ads.js script which shows how it works.


Thank You!

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