I see people connecting to my scene but I'm still in private

Hello, I can see players connecting to my scene, it’s about a multiplayer app ; but it seems that I’m still in private edition mode
Can anyone help me understand better what is going on?
Have a good day

@Val_Andrieu Hi and Welcome. Can you provide some more information about your multiplayer App? Which service do you use? Photon… or something else? It could be possible that you are using an API key from an example project. If this is the case… when you run your game you will see others connecting because they are using the example.

When you say private edition mode are you indicating that you have your project checked as private? If so then only you can see it in your project space unless you have shared it with a collaborator. Another way for others to use your APP is that you actually published it and shared that link with others. Let the forum know your steps and we will try to help.

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Hello @Tirk182 , thanks for your repply.
Yes I have checked my project on private but make sure I’didnt share the link. Either you share the link others will see 404 I guess
It seems that I was hosting from à glitch server side from an exemple, so I change that with another server adress I found on my glitch account page / Since it works good without no intruders !