I put a box collider in my car but it goes up a ramp and why is it like this

Can you explain what you are expecting to happen and what you are getting instead? The images don’t really explain your issue?

That’s what I expect

I want it to walk close to the ground

The ground is so

So does the slope

But now it’s not going to stick to the ground so much as the Angle in front of it is going to support the Angle in the back and it’s going to be going flat and not going up diagonally

Without being able to see the project setup, it’s difficult to really give any advice on this.

From the images, I can’t see how far/close the wheels are to the ground.

I recommend trying this debug script to show where the physics objects really are: https://github.com/playcanvas/engine/blob/master/examples/assets/scripts/debug/debug-physics.js

Give me a minute

It is now two angles forward without the four corners sticking to the ground

Can you provide a screen grab of the rigid body settings for the car please? It sounds like the angle factor might have been set to 0.

I see. Just a moment

Thank you very much now that you’re all right