I need to put glow effects

I have a question, this is for anyone who answers this. How do I make materials glow in playcanvas. I want to make an io like game but i can’t see m to figure out how to make it glow?

Hi @jus.co_ding_me_23,

So you can increase the emissive value of materials and then use in combination the bloom post process effect. That will work as an full screen effect, materials with high brightness will glow more:

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Wörks! :beers:


it works @Sebastian and @Leonidas ,see the fixed version of my game, i will send in later forum

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but please send me your project @Sebastian , i dont know where to put all the emmisive stuff

Hi @jus.co_ding_me_23

Could you post your project so I can have a look at it?



i dont know where to put all the bloom stuff

it shows can not read posteffects of undefined

Heya @jus.co_ding_me_23,

simply add the bloom effect as a script to your camera :slight_smile:

thanks, i was trying to attach it to the player