I need some help using buttons to enable/ disable objects

to understand fully what I’m doing, I want to pull up a menu (i got that down) and there will be buttons to change the gun you using. so for example, I start the game with my hands (no weapon equipped) then if I pull up the screen and press one of the buttons, that weapon appears (via enabling the weapon and disabling everything else.) any ideas?

@Thebosser.24 I use a weapon switch in this example project. You can either scroll the mouse wheel or punch in the weapon number to switch weapons. Hope this helps.


im going to try to add quite a few weapons, and i feel like a menu with buttons will work better (maybe ill make it to where you can customize the weapon)

@Thebosser.24 Sure that’s fine. You can use anything you would like to switch. The code looks at the weapon children. You can add as many as you would like.