I need some help for a Parkour Game please

Project Name: Parkour Game

Role Required: Programmer

My Role: Level designer

My Previous Projects: N/A

Team Size: 2 (including me)

Project Length: Less than 1 day

Compensation: None

Project Description: This is my first project, I hope you enjoy it.

Hello, @DudeDay012! A much more efficient way of asking people to work on your game is to create any project, a blank project, and then publish it, and make a post/dev log that has this information. You will find more people that way!

But how do I publish my games?

Hi again @DudeDay012, To publish a game, you click the master button, that says “version control” from within the editor:

that is located at the top of your screen, and then you click publish on the right. I hope I could help!