I need people to test

Can you all just go and test my game, i am trying to see the shooting and see of it works, so if you can, can you go in, and just shoot other people lol, i dont know if the menu works or if you spawn directly into the game, so go to the editor,“PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine”, and test it.(BTW, wasd to move, left click to fire, right click or double click to aim.

Hello @Gavin_Durbin! Spawned directly into the game. Shooting works fine, but unfortunately there were no other players. (I had some problems walking the steps). Good luck!

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Thank you very much with the feedback!

shot the white bean many times, but could’t kill it :slight_smile:
everything works fine on my netbook in chrome browser
holes from shooting in the bean, didn’t move together with the bean, when bean is ‘jumping’ this looks a little odd…

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@Gurki This is meant to be for now you cant kill it we will implement that feature some time in the future for now we are working on the weapons! :slight_smile: And if you shoot on the bean the bullets get stuck on everything for a few seconds. Also meaning holes from shooting in the bean you cant see their gun for now (later on you will) but you can see the bullets (from our owners new shooting system before you couldn’t see it but now you can)

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Controls feels fine. I also got stuck up the stairs.

we had disabled jumping because we have a new character we will make it easier when we implement jumping.

white bean?

get on editor ill show you