I need people for my game

I need a good coder, and a good animator for my fps game, tag me and ill check you out for the team

ill try ani mate ok

ok, what’s ur playcanvas account

account is CHRISNI


My team has helped a lot, but so much stuff to keep up with and so much changes to keep up with…
I can’t do it, stuff keeps messing up and coming up with problems and glitches, i need a coder who can help BIG TIME, and an animator, maybe someone to help look over it.

I need a dedicated coder who can make health, guns, weapon pickup, ADS, and fix some code, and an animator with blender.

BTW, i am very active myself

@Gavin_Durbin Please do not make multiple topics for the the same thing (looking for help/members). I’ve now merged all the posts to your original topic


Hello, i need a good coder for my game

i am an artist but you must help me with my game i can help you but u mest help me

pleas help meeeeeeeee

im not much of a coder of myself but i can try do particals