I need help with transfering through scenes

Hello, I am trying to make the starting rolling ball game into an actual mini-game that gets some recognition but I want to have each level in a different scene, is there a way to do this with a teleporter? Or any way to do it without code? If not then I will take the way with code, please help, also give ideas for next levels because i was so annoyed at not finding any answers for this so I stopped after making level 2.

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I’m afraid there is no way to do what you are trying to do without a code. There is no “built-in teleporter” or a scene switcher. It’s all done from the code. Try it. If you face a problem with a function, forum will help.

Hi @Bk_Gaming and welcome,

Take a look at the following tutorials on how to work on changing scenes using a script.


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oh ok, thank you, i honesttly thought this website had a system so you don’t need to use any code lol, but it sure does make it easier

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