I need help with Sprites

I heard that for that likn to get the sprite thing in your editor you need to add it to an object and boom, i did that, first with a box, then with an actual sprite, i put a picture for both but it was always invisible. Can anybody help, idk how to get it to work, I think i need an actual like real sprite to download in order for it to work but i can’t find one, can anyone please help? Link to the editor: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

Go do your magic

Looks like that’s from an old sprite project that really shouldn’t used anymore (and I should remove/update from the tutorials section)

I recommend using the newer sprite workflow:


(Which we should make tutorials for!)

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But that isn’t what I see when I make a new sprite, I don’t have anything that’s actually considered a sprite meaning that that’s pretty much useless since you can’t create an actual downloadable sprite in the editor and there is no downloadable actual sprite that I can find so idk what to do.

I will make a video tomorrow that quickly shows how to make a sprite.

In a nutshell, upload an image with your sprite, right click on the texture asset, create a texture atlas. From there you should see the option to use the sprite editor on the texture atlas.

For a single sprite image:

For a sprite sheet:

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