I need Help with My FPS game that i am working on

So I have the map layout all figured out, but I need help figuring out the guns and projectiles. I am a Newbie, so if copy-and-pasting code from somewhere is possible, I would prefer that. I also need help with the Multiplayer aspects of the game.

Hi @Yoshino-324b and welcome,

Most likely you will have to learn some coding to add systems like guns and projectiles. I don’t have an example in mind to share with you, but even if there was, you will need some coding experience to transfer to your project.

You can get some basic knowledge on how coding works in PlayCanvas on the user manual: Scripting | Learn PlayCanvas

If JavaScript is hard for you, you may be able to find several free courses online to get started.

For multiplayer there are some simple examples here: Tutorials | Learn PlayCanvas


oh i could probably try to adapt it to my project at the very least