I need help with moving

I used keys for moving but I get a error and don’t know why it is not working I tried to find the error but I can’t find it.

Hi @Rohitgicool_Cool! Can you show your code and the error that you get?

Hi @Rohitgicool_Cool,

Try changing line 10 of your code from:

if (this.app.keyboard.isPressed(pc.input.KEY_UP)) {


if (this.app.keyboard.isPressed(pc.KEY_UP)) {

Does that help at all? Check out this page of the user manual for more information on Keyboard Input:


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I did the adjustment and it still does not work.

Hi @Rohitgicool_Cool! Please try to use isPressed instead of wasPressed.

To help you understand what @Albertos suggested a little better, perhaps it is best if you read the documentation on this topic - Basic Keyboard Input | Learn PlayCanvas. You can also study the tutorial further to learn different ways of detecting keyboard input in your PlayCanvas game or app.

Hope this helps!


It still does not work.

Can you share a link of your project please?

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I think my device does not work because I am using Bluetooth keys on a iPad. https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/1314558
This is the link

Two problems in your project. The script need to be attached to your Box entity and your Box entity need a kinematic rigidbody with your current code.

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But when I try to do kinematic rigidbody it doesn’t have any gravity like the box doesn’t move down it doesn’t fall

Hi @Rohitgicool_Cool and welcome back!

That’s correct. If that’s not an option for you, you have to change the way of movement. If you want to use a dynamic rigidbody you need to apply a force on the rigidbody of the entity.