I need help with Mouse Movement

I have a and d to control my character’s rotation, but I would like to do that with the mouse. I only want to rotate it on one axis, and only two directions.

Did you want them to have to click to move camera? cuz heres a link to help with that.


Otherwise if you wanted it to be more like PC minecraft where you click and your mouse turns into like your camera so you have to click esc to get out of it then use this link


I only want the mouse to turn me left and right.

This Tutorial project will get you where you want to go:


  1. On the Player Object, in the scene, there is a script attached named – first-person-movement.js
  2. ** In the code…just comment out line #98
    Example: //this.eulers.y -= this.lookSpeed * e.dy;

Make sure to set up your character like the one in the scene and or just copy Player Object into your project.