I need help with making a platformer game for mobile

I need help I am new and I am on mobile trying to make a game so can anybody help me (and I wanna make a platformer game for mobile).

I need a platformer so I want the character to roll like a ball with a 3rd person view with enimies one of the. Enimies is a green blob and another one of the enimies is. A flying orange bat. And I want a couple of boss battles is that too much?

Hi @Xavier_Reid and welcome!

You cannot use the editor on your mobile. So you need a desktop or laptop to make a game.

It sounds like the basics are the same as the first project that you get when you create a new account on PlayCanvas. You can use that as an example and extend it to your own game.

Alternatively, you can follow the tutorial below to learn the basics you need to make a game.


That is certainly not too much, but too much to start with. Build a game step by step.

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Thank you!

So basically I am gonna be making a 3rd person platformer game for mobile. I need joysticks. I sort of want the character to be a smiley face that jumps and ya… I am also a kid so I hope this is simple for me

Making a game is not simple. Do you have the ability to use a desktop or laptop?

No I don’t I am on an apple iPad I have experience making 2D games but I want to try out 3D coding

I have tried to use the editor on my iPad, but this only partially works. Not enough to use the editor on an iPad unfortunately.

Aww man! I have been looking around for 3D game websites do you know of any of them no download?

I will still be figuring this stuff on tablet but for now I should use a different website.

So I’ve been looking for some websites that are for 3D development on mobile but they aren’t really good

I don’t know if there is another editor that you can use on an iPad. Maybe someone else knows. Check also my topic below about using the editor on an iPad, I already did a request for this feature.



Hmm… I am a bit confused on how I use GitHub I never used it when I press create I only see VR starter kit and model viewing starter kits. After I viewed the project in GitHub how do I get the kit?

But do you know of any 3D game making websites?

I don’t know. Maybe something from the topic below.