I need help with all these scripts for my game 😵‍💫

Hi everyone, I have been looking for help on my game to fix all these bugs. Which I can’t make the model move with the camera when it’s supposed to. I have followed so many tutorials but none of them work.

Hi @Chill_Creeper12 and welcome!

Can you provide a little more useful information?

Maybe it can be helpful to share the editor link of your project as well.

Well i’m pretty new to this but how do you add that kind of link?

Oh and thank you for answering so quickly.

You can just copy the URL from your editor and paste it here.

Please also let users know what the exact problem is and which script they need to check.

oh ok, ima try and do that.

optional title

I didn’t know what to call this.

You can do it like this:


Please make sure users are be able to help by sharing useful information like the desired result, the actual result, errors, etc. Also give information about the scene, entities and scripts that are involved.

oh um ok, i think i may be able to.

if i find out how…

I have been trying to make a backrooms themed game, but i so far can’t make really anything work right. I am currently working on the main menu so far.

I’m working on making the player model look relatively with the camera but I don’t know how to do that.