I need help with 4 things

I’m sorry but i need help with 4 things…

  1. Health bar
    2.Inventory system

  2. title screen

    I need help with a title screen because i am using a 3rd person controller and it gives me a bunch of errors. Thank you! (i might respond late :frowning: )

Hi @Emmett_Tolbert,

That’s a lot of things! As a good advice, take it slow, split up your bigger tasks to smaller ones. And learn how to approach those.

For example you will most likely need one or more interface elements, start with these tutorials and examples: Tutorials | Learn PlayCanvas

Similarly for jumping there have been many similar topics in this forum about it. Search for them and you will find code snippets and helpful advice on how to implement it.


Thank you! But do you know how to fix the errors for the title screen?

Edit: i also need online multiplayer for the game here is the link

@Emmett_Tolbert There is no link to your game or project. Here is also a link to some tutorials that show multiplayer.


Oh i’m sorry i forgot😅 PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine

@Emmett_Tolbert I don’t know for sure but I noticed this syntax error.

this.cameraScript = camera.script.cameraMovement;

I think the script name is CameraMovement capital C maybe? Also, it appears like some networking issues because the server is not setup? See tutorials above.