I need help movement with physics

here is the editor https://playcanvas.com/editor/scene/974172
launch (i already have jump working with spacebar) https://launch.playcanvas.com/974172?debug=true
if anyone could help me that would be awesome!
i could also use linear velocity but i do not know how to use that
the game is also 3rd person I also need help getting the camera to follow the cube / entity

oh i also need it to only jump if touching ground I know it has an if statement then the jump code
but then what code do i type to check if touching ground

@MaxGameDev, you would want to find the level at which your ground is in the game. The way to do that is by checking the Y-Axis coordinate of the ground, then do a simple comparison of that. The alternative and far better way of doing it would be a raycast, which, unlike the first method, will work even on an undulating ground. Learn how to do that here.

ok thanks!

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